Bio:  Traditional Finishes was started in Jan. 2001 as a service to the woodworking industry. TF offer's industry trained knowledge & application of wood coatings. Rob Carper Innovations is a subsidiary of Traditional Finishes Inc. I won't bore you with a long novel but a brief history of where i've been.

1977 & '79 Orlando, Fla Conway Jr. HS: Introduction to wood working shop.
1980 thru 84 Lake Mary Fla. Lake Mary HS: Wood/Construction shop.
1984 to 88 USMC: 1371 Combat Engineer/Demolition, Land Mine warfare, rigging, bridging, & construction...I was in a construction / wood shop for 3.5 yr's at Cherry Point NC & Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan.
1988 to 1992 I'll just call it the Orlando Flounder.
1992 to 1996ish Pine & Design Antiques: Cross Country delivery, Antique finishing introduction & Transfer to Atlanta,GA.
1997 to 2001 Furniture care supplies / Gemini Coating's as an Account manager. Formal education of Basic & Advanced Coating's training with M.L Campbell Coating's, Formal training with Kremlin Spray equipment company.
2001 to 2015 Traditional Finishes Inc. CEO. 4,000 sq. ft. facility which provide's custom wood finishing services to local Mill, Cabinet, Furniture & Residential wood manufacturing shop's.
2013 to Present: Traditional Finishes Inc. CEO. 2 car garage making wood / resin products to the knife making industry but not limited to.

When something knock's at your door as many time's as the wood industry has in my life to date you learn to embrace it with a sense of comfort and love. It will forever provide me, with my dedication of learning, with a very satisfying & gratifying way of life.

May you all find in your life what makes you tick.

Rob Carper

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